My name is Shelly Rojas and I have been in the fitness industry professionally  as a coach and trainer since 2001. I am an INBA/PNBA Natural Body Building Pro Sports Model.I have traveled internationally competing all over the world and has been featured in the 1st all Womens addition of Ironman magazine sold in all retail stores. I am also the Fitness and Wellness Coach who has helped many people transform their bodies to the stronger version of themself. My passion is helping people find their way to the healthy body that they desire. I have help hundreds of people get fit in my Fitness ,Bootcamp classes and in my Private Personal and online training programs. I wanted to find a way to help as many people as I could while still making my services affordable. I came up with this idea to create a community of Fit bodies and Fab warriors who are ready to make fitness not only a lifestyle but FUN! This website was made so you could have me as your coach anytime you want! As a member you will have customized workouts, exercise videos, fun fitness challenges, nutrition guidance, and access to my blog. As a member you will also get FREE passes to my community fitness workshops all over the bay area. I took a-little bit of what I do on a daily basis and put it all here on this site for you!!

My Transformation 

Can you believe that was the old me! 

Its hard to truly understand what it is like to struggle with weight issues unless you have done it yourself.  After children my body changed and I was no longer the gal I used to know. I was de-conditioned ,over weight and depressed. I couldn't even walk 2 blocks without having to stop and rest. It didn't click in my head I was over weight until  one day I was shopping for a shirt and my daughter asked " Mom what size are you A large or an extra large? I then realized at that very moment -why am I not doing what I tell all my clients to do? I started to refocus and regroup on my health. I started slowly training myself to be better than I was before. Now i'm back!! I am even more passionate about getting people stronger! I have done it first hand and now I want to share how I did it with you.



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